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Paving pricing differs depending on the size of the job, the type of pavers used and the complexity of the design. Often depending on how much work a certain company has pricing may differ based on work load. Time frames to get jobs done also vary amongst paving providers. We recommend comparing quotes and project time lines from our paving guru’s.

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Thanks for your help guys. Got 3 quotes in under an hour from your network and the paving got started two days later with a much better price than what I expected.

Ellen Goedals

3rd of Sept 2017

My backyard has been transformed into a paved soccer/cricket pitch and cycling area for my kids. Thanks for working so quickly. My fam is making good use of the space.

Ryan Wheeler

July 2018

All looking good so far. The project isn’t finished yet since its a large commercial paving project but the guys are very professional and the quote process was quick and easy. I will keep you guys informed with the final product.

Bill Saunders

11th of Oct 2017

Builders kept our driveway and garage very tidy while they paved our driveway. I wasn’t happy with the initial pavers we chose, but they were accommodating and allowed me to change early on in the project so I landed up with a colour that matched our house better.

Sandra Irwin

Jan 2019

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